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First tenant for Browary Warszawskie

Discovering and creating beauty has been the mission of the L’Oréal Group for over one hundred years. This applies not only to cosmetics introduced to the market but also to the work environment which they are created in. That is why in a year’s time Polish L’Oréal is to move to new location in the city center and its employees will start working in the old quarter of the city.

Source: Echo Investment


L’Oréal Poland will occupy nearly 7,000 sqm in the first office building in Browary Warszawskie. The choice of the new office is not a coincidence. The company believes that beauty is a universal value that lets you express yourself, build your self-esteem and open yourself up to others. That is why it decided that it should operate in a place the assumption of which coincides with these values. L’Oréal Poland is the first company that will create its own workspace here.

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“For L’Oréal, a company closely related to beauty, we were looking for a unique place that will allow us to create comfortable conditions for our employees as well as for sustainable development of the entire company. The location of the headquarters and architecture influence the perception of the brands owned by L’Oréal and L’Oréal Poland as an employer. A modern office means for us a space that favours cooperation and communication, and consequently affects a better working atmosphere. After 25 years of L’Oréal’s presence in Poland we will open a new office and a new part of the history of L’Oréal Poland,” says Paweł Konieczny, HR director of L’Oréal Poland and the Baltic States.

Partners’ coherent vision

Browary Warszawskie is an area between Grzybowska, Wronia, Chłodna and Krochmalna streets which will be reintroduced to the urban fabric by Echo Investment. A new, open quarter is being developed, which will be formed by residential buildings, office buildings and public squares, rest and recreation places, cafes, restaurants and shops.

“After 20 years of operation in Warsaw’s Annopol L’Oréal Poland decided to move to Browary Warszawskie, a unique project carried out by Echo Investment. It will be an integrated, open urban quarter in which people will be able to live and work comfortably while every resident of Warsaw will be able to spend time there pleasantly. I am convinced that it will be a perfect place for employees of L’Oréal Poland as well as other companies that will soon decide to move their offices here,” says Michał Żelski, Regional sales manager at Echo Investment’s Office Department.

Microdistrict for living and working in

Browary Warszawskie is a place with a beautiful history but above all a modern, functional and comprehensive urban and architectural design. It will include four office buildings, five residential buildings, over 8,000 sqm for services, restaurants, shops and well-arranged public spaces including city squares, cosy streets and a comfortable space full of greenery. The unquestionable advantages of this place also include the proximity of the centre of Warsaw, a station of the underground and the availability of developed public transport.

“The choice of Browary Warszawskie as a new location for L’Oréal Poland reflects three current trends on the market. First of all, employers look for a space that is in line with the company’s values and at the same time fosters cooperation between employees and departments in the company. Secondly, research shows that we spend 90 pct of the time indoors, so more and more attention is paid to ensuring that this space has the right quality. Finally, companies increasingly narrow down the search for locations to the places that are distinguished by innovation from other projects,” says Mikołaj Sznajder, senior associate director, Office Space Leasing Department, CBRE.

Browary Warszawskie is one of the most important projects of Echo Investment, not only because of its scale but above all the function of restoring a fragment of Warsaw larger than the Old Town Market Square. L’Oréal Poland is the first large company that has decided to join this ambitious task.

Source: Echo Investment