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8,500 sqm of event space at Koneser

  • Koneser, developed by the Liebrecht & wooD Group and BBI Development S.A. in Warsaw’s Praga district, offers a total of 8,500 sqm of space for special events.
  • The event space comprises the event centres of Laboratory 2400 (2,400 sqm) and Bottling House (2,100 sqm), as well as the open Koneser Square (4,000 sqm). Koneser makes it possible to stage almost any event: a conference, fair, exhibition, company event, concert, picnic or an outdoor event alike.
  • There is a special team at Koneser, responsible for renting the event space and providing all the assistance that is needed to organize an event.

The right bank of the capital appeals to people looking for unusual attractions “off the beaten track”. The Praga district boasts alternative cafés and clubs, vintage shops and places open to artistic ventures. The unique atmosphere of Praga comes to the fore at Koneser, a mixed-use lifestyle centre in the renewed former Warsaw Vodka Distillery. Koneser helps you organize unforgettable events by offering no less than 8,500 sqm of event space, comprising the event centres of Laboratory and Bottling House, as well as the open Koneser Square.

‘Event organisers look for places with a special climate that will offer a unique experience and will be remembered by the participants for a very long time. The exquisite combination of Praga’s climate, unique architecture and modern technological solutions make Koneser an ideal fit for these expectations,’ comments Monika Piwońska, Head of Marketing Liebrecht & wooD, Commercial Director at Koneser.

Laboratory 2400, in operation since June 2018, offers over 2,400 sqm of space on the ground floor (the space can be divided into two separate rooms), direct access from the underground car park, a professional public address system, internet access, electricity and water connection. A modern centre with the simple, industrial interior designed by Trzop Architekci studio allows for the implementation of original stage design ideas and any arrangement of space.

The Bottling House event centre has 2,100 sqm of space. The contemporary design of the facility is well matched with the historical surroundings of Koneser. The arrangement of the top notch interior of Bottling House was prepared by the interior design studio Manuttone. This resulted in a unique and elegant space for special events. The building houses the main hall (675 sqm) with a height of 5.5 m, the stylish foyer with genuine brick elements of factory buildings, as well as kitchen facilities, dressing rooms and storage areas. Bottling House provides complete technical equipment (projectors, screens, the sound and lighting system).

The Koneser Square (4,000 sqm) will be open to all Warsaw residents and tourists on a daily basis. The whole area of the square offers access to Wi-Fi, there is also room for, among others, the stage and 120 stands with the option of connecting to electricity and water supply.

Laboratory is already operational, and Bottling House and Koneser Square will inaugurate their operations in the autumn of this year.

Koneser also has other advantages which facilitate efficient organization of events. The project will include the Moxy Warsaw Praga hotel (the Marriott International brand), connected with the conference centre Bottling House and offering 141 modern rooms, a designer lobby and super-fast Wi-Fi. There are also cafés, bars and restaurants at Koneser, as well as the Polish Vodka Museum; a museum tour will make every meeting even more appealing.

The Liebrecht & wooD Group, in charge of Koneser, created a special team led by Katarzyna Kruk, responsible for event space rental and providing all the assistance necessary to organize and promote events.

Koneser’s event space enjoys great popularity. The autumn programme of events includes the Warsaw Koneser Festival, concerts as part of the Avant Art Festival, the Slow Fashion fair and Whisky Live Warsaw.

Source: The Liebrecht & wooD Group